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Berkeley Towing Service

UC Berkeley | Berkeley towing service


Berkeley towing service is very convenient if you’re in Berkeley. UC Berkeley being the main destination inside this wonderful city, there are many towing dispatches that end up on this campus. Our office is not far from Berkeley and we have operators out at all times. Due to Berkeley’s proximity to SF, we can have a tow truck available for you quickly.

Berkeley Towing Service

Our tow company provides many types of tow trucks, therefore we can provide the correct truck upon your tow service request. Some of the types of towing services we offer are light duty towing, medium duty towing, heavy duty towing, flatbed towing, private property towing, and many roadside assistance services.


Dead battery jump-start

Since Berkley California is a college town, there are many things that come along with that. Dead batteries on vehicles is definitley a common occurrence among college students. Students don’t always have the newest cars, or care as much about the upkeep of their vehicles. This is one of the fastest calls we can assist with. Dead battery jump-start’s are an easy and quick process. The towing operators just need to hook up a pair of jumper cables and you will be all set.


Tire replacement

Another problem college students have is bald, older tires. When you  don’t keep your tires up to date, and the tread is worn low, the tires can burst. A word of caution, if you see metal rings showing through your tire, get to a tire shop immediately. Our experienced tow truck drivers can meet you at your vehicle, and help you put the spare tire on the vehicle. After the spare tire is on, you can safely drive to a tire shop to replace the bad tire. If you don’t have a spare tire, you have the option to have your vehicle towed to a tire shop.

We’ve all been young once. So we can all understand how stressfull this can be for a young person, that might not know anything about vehicle parts, repairs or service. This is why we always try to make our arrival times as quick as possible.