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Best Towing Auction in San Francisco

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Many people are interested in buying a car or truck at auction but never figure out where to begin. Locating the best deals on used vehicles in San Francisco can be time consuming considering the many vehicle options available. It’s also important to note that to most people looking to buy vehicles, this is probably the least-exercised option.

With auto auctions all around San Francisco, there’s a likelihood that there are several around your area that are usually open to the public. For those looking for a great place where they can find good deals on police impounded trucks as well as bank repos, going to the towing auction would be your best option. You’ll always find trucks that are priced for a quick sale and.

Towing Auction Information

The biggest Towing Auction in San Francisco is put on by AutoReturn. Autoreturn manages all tow related services for the county and city of San Francisco. Auto Return has a contract with the city for all of its unclaimed vehicles to be auction at their towing auction.

Buying a preowned truck from a local towing auction that’s open to the public will help you save money. It’s interesting to note that there are usually no high-pressure sales tactics at local auctions. Despite the process being similar to purchasing at a dealership, the experience will be different. As mentioned, the vehicles and trucks at these auctions come from various sources including bank repos, private truck owners, vehicles impounded by local authorities, and local truck dealers.

Police and tow auctions in San Francisco, CA are usually open to the public which means you can show up and no one will ask you for your membership. It’s always free. So, why not show up and explore the inventory. Whether you’re looking for late model vehicles or old beaters, you’ll find a wide range of vehicles at San Francisco Tow Auctions. Punctuality is important when coming to the towing auction. This way you can have enough time to look over and explore the different vehicles on site before the auctions begin.

The Money

One of the things you want when buying a vehicle at auction is assurance that your hard-earned money won’t be messed around with. You want to be sure that it will be handled securely. Probably you’ve done some research and found several car auctions in San Francisco, but don’t know what to do next. Well, it’s time you made a phone call and find out if your money will be secure. The best towing auction company is the one that is willing to respond to all your financing questions. Anyone who can’t answer finance questions can’t be trusted.

Forms of Payment

Inform each of the companies that you’ll bid at their next towing auction and find out what modes of payment do they accept. Be sure to ask about their purchase rules. You might be required to make a down payment, but this may vary from one company to the other. If they only accept cash as their form of payment, there’s a problem, and you should walk away. In such cases, you may need to do further investigations.

Inspect the Vehicle Prior to Bidding

Don’t get so excited when bidding in an online market or a televised auction. One of the things you must keep in mind when buying a truck or car at auction is being honest with yourself. It’s also important that you use your eyes well and don’t just believe everything you come across. You might just be surprised to learn that nothing is as good and perfect as it looks. Be sure to avoid vehicles that smell musty or whose carpeting looks wet.

A towing auction provide a great place where you can pay only what you bid. You’re always in control of the entire process. You can decide to end things whenever you feel uncomfortable.


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