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Towing a Motorcycle the Safe and Correct way

Two motorcycles on a flatbed truck | Tow a Motorcycle Properly |

  Studies by the Motorcycle Industry Council in 2009 showed that there’s a growing number of motorcycle owners in America. Both casual weekend riders and skilled motorcyclists should make a point of learning how to tow a motorcycle properly. This could help to avoid damaging their vehicles and escape injuries. Techniques to tow a motorcycle…

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Tow Ball Weight Information

Tow Ball on the back of a truck |

  Tow Ball Weight Information   Understanding tow ball weight effect on your trailer and towing vehicle is essential to secure your towing. Tow ball weight is the total weight that is placed on the towing truck’s tow ball by the towed vehicle. Tow ball weight should not be more than the total weight indicated…

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Towing Safety Tips

Towing Safety sign for San Francisco Bay Area Towing |

Towing is a safe and easy task as long as the person has the right skills and equipment. If you are not skilled or you’re experiencing problems towing, the tips below can be of help and assist you in towing safely and easily.   Tire pressure: The pressure of the tires should regularly be inspected.…

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