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Is there a Car Blocking your Driveway?

Car blocking driveway with final violation notice | San Francisco Bay Area Towing

CALL 311 for assistance if you are in San Francisco. Outside of SF, CALL (415) 701-2311 You are already late for your appointment. That morning, you did everything in a hurry to leave home. At the end of it all, you discover your efforts have just become void. There is a car blocking your driveway.…

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How to Avoid Parking Violation Towing in San Francisco

parking enforcement giving ticket | parking violation towing |

  In San Francisco, towing cases are very common and unpleasant for that matter. Your car cannot be towed if you have not violated any regulations in the city. The San Francisco Municipal Transport Agency (SFMTA) is the body tasked with the responsibility of enforcing the parking violation towing in San Francisco with the vehicles…

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Facts about a Booted Vehicle and Towing Enforcement

Car with a boot on the wheel | Towing enforcement booted vehicle |

  Booting is the temporary immobilization of vehicles. ┬áThe fine for a booted vehicle in San Francisco is $505. Owners of a booted vehicle have up to 72 hours from the time of booting to settle the penalties to prevent the towing of their vehicle. This period, however, excludes the weekends and public holidays. After…

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Handicap Towing Enforcement in San Francisco

Handicap parking space | Towing enforcement Handicap |

  Towing Enforcement Handicap SF In San Francisco, there are special parking privileges accorded to disabled individuals, which have strict handicap towing enforcement. This is to allow them an easier access to facilities. However, this privilege does not apply to garages owned by the city. If you have a┬ápermanently disabled license plate or either a…

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What are my Towing Rights in California?

Chalk board that says "Know the rules" | Towing Rights California |

  In California, there are many towing companies. Some are operated by good people. Other towing companies are operated by bad people who can frustrate you in California. As a car owner its necessary to pay good attention to the California Towing Laws. The laws will help understand what is required of you. The law…

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