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Luxury Car Towing

“Is there an exotic and luxury towing service near me in the San Francisco bay area?” is something that some car owners may ask. Luckily, you don’t need to walk miles away from your car to get help or wait for an unreliable towing company. Look no further than San Francisco Bay Area Towing. If you own an exotic or luxury car that needs towing, San Francisco Bay Area Towing offers a secure, speedy, and highly-specialized towing service for exotic and luxury cars!

The mushrooming growth of towing companies in the San Francisco Bay Area might cause you to have difficulties in choosing the right towing company for your prestigious car. But with us, you can be assured of an excellent and reliable service that has no match.

Exotic and luxury cars are a cut above the rest. These cars are expensive and unique. We understand the need for greater care in handling exotic and luxury cars when it comes to towing. While we are always cautious and professional in handling towing requests, we provide extra care when it comes to exotic and luxury cars. For you, your car is special and extremely valuable. For us, we strongly believe that your car deserves only the best.

Even if these cars are made with high-quality parts and gears, there may come a time you will need it to be towed. It may only happen rarely, but when the need arises, we are prepared to take on the task.  There may be a number of reasons why you might need a towing service for your car which includes the following:

  • Engine breakdown;
  • Mechanical malfunctions;
  • Flat or blown-out tire;
  • Fuel loss;
  • Local transport from one place to another;
  • Long distance transport;
  • And other instances that require towing.

Types of Vehicles

With so many new cars being introduced yearly, there is no surprise that the number of exotic and luxury cars on the road is also rising. We accept towing requests for exotic and luxury car brands such as but not limited to the following:

  • Audi | BMW | Cadillac | Ferrari | Lamborghini | Lexus;
  • Maserati | Mercedes-Benz | Porsche | Rolls-Royce
  • And others.

Exotic and luxury cars are the epitome of comfort and class. With San Francisco Bay Area Towing, we guarantee that your car will remain in its perfect condition before and after towing. Our professional and expert tow truck drivers are skilled and trained when it comes to handling your car. Our tow trucks are fully-equipped with all the tools and mechanical equipment to get the job securely done in a speedy manner. We have years of experience in handling towing and roadside assistance needs.


Audi R8 flatbed tow truck | San Francisco Bay Area Towing


Not every towing company fully understands the responsibility that comes with placing your trust on tow truck drivers. But how are we different from them? Simply put, San Francisco Bay Area Towing treats you and your car like royalty. Only the best exotic and luxury car towing service will be provided to you. But that’s not all that there is! We also provide you with quick response and fast tow delivery time that you can rely on for a transparent and reasonable towing cost. Our towing outlets located within the bounds of the San Francisco Bay Area can get to you in just a matter of minutes so that no time is wasted.

For urgent exotic and luxury car towing request, you can call our hotline today. We offer our towing service day and night, rain or shine. Wherever you are, be it in your home, in a car show, or anywhere along the roads of the San Francisco Bay Area, contact us for a towing service that your car deserves!

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