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Handicap Towing Enforcement in San Francisco

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Towing Enforcement Handicap SF

In San Francisco, there are special parking privileges accorded to disabled individuals, which have strict handicap towing enforcement. This is to allow them an easier access to facilities. However, this privilege does not apply to garages owned by the city. If you have a permanently disabled license plate or either a temporary or permanent disabled placard, you may park in the disabled spot as long as you like if theres a symbol marked next to a green curb.

Medical conditions that allow a handicap parking placard

There are different medical conditions that qualify one to acquire a disabled parking permit in San Francisco. These include those that involve the use of wheelchairs, crane, crutches or missing a foot. Others might include cardiovascular conditions and respiratory cases. Handicap towing enforcement might discover your vehicle if its illegally parked in a reserved disabled parking space. Additionally it could mean the towing of your vehicle.

How to recognize a handicap parking space

Handicap spots are usually marked blue and white with the wheelchair symbol, which is recognized internationally as the Symbol of Access. Additionally, all cars parking in these spots must have the disabled parking permit well displayed to avoid being towed. The disabled parking privilege, however, has a limit of 72 hours just like any other parking in the city.

Main challenge with disabled placards in San Francisco

The main challenge in San Francisco has been the abuse of disabled parking placards. The abuse happens when a non-disabled driver uses the disabled placard without driving the disabled. It can also be through illegally obtaining the cards, pretending to have disabilities in order to benefit from the privilege or impersonating a disabled person in order to use their permits.  The officials of the San Francisco Municipal Transportation are enforcing operations to curb the abuse of the disabled permits.

Handicap towing enforcement for disabled parking permits

The SFMTA in conjunction with the San Francisco People with Disability agency (SFPD) began a handicap towing enforcement to curb the misuse of the disabled permits in which it targets to confiscate and revoke abused permits. Owners of vehicles will charged a fine and their vehicles towed if they are misusing the placards. According to the San Francisco transport agency, confiscation of 3 permits occurred in November 2017.  In addition, enforcement operations carried out between July 2017 and January 2018 has seen over 1500 citations issued and over 100 cars towed.

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