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Light Duty Towing service SF, California. Call 415-287-3020

As a towing company, our professional towing staff can offer you the best, safest, and quickest light-duty towing services within the San Francisco Bay area. You can always contact us for a light duty towing service request anytime!

Possible causes of a broken down vehicle

Stuck with a non-cooperating light-duty vehicle in the middle of the road? It might be caused by a number of reasons such as:

  • A dead battery;
  • An engine failure;
  • An overheated engine;
  • A flat tire;
  • A vehicular accident or road mishap;
  • Accidental losing of car keys or inability to open your own car;
  • And other car mechanical problems.

Types of Light Duty vehicles

Do not worry if this happens to you. The San Francisco Bay Area Towing offers its towing services to any light-duty vehicle according to the EPA classification. You can contact us if your vehicle is classified under the following vehicle types:

  • A passenger vehicle with a maximum gross vehicle weight rating of not more than 8,500 lbs;
  • A van;
  • A sports car;
  • A small pickup truck;
  • Or a sports utility vehicle.

Our light-duty towing service is available 24 hours a day. This is also referred to as wheel lift towing. We always do what we do best. Once your car stalls, is involved in an accident, breaks down—or even if it doesn’t in situations where you just need to transport it— we are ready to step in. We can provide you with our towing service for your vehicle anytime, anywhere in the San Francisco Bay area, or greater bay area.

Service Areas

You have a light-duty vehicle and in need of a towing. You might ask, “Is there a towing company near me?” If you are from the San Francisco Bay area, you can breathe a sigh of relief because we cover the following places:

  • Alameda;
  • Contra Costa;
  • Marin;
  • Napa;
  • San Francisco;
  • San Mateo;
  • Santa Clara;
  • Solano;
  • Sonoma;
  • And anywhere within the greater bay area.

You can always inquire about our towing company from our dedicated customer support team. Our light-duty towing service staff can immediately come to your aid. We will assist you to the best of our car mechanical knowledge and expertise.

Our Team

The San Francisco Bay Area Towing understands the importance of giving you a satisfactory service. Cars can break down anytime— during the most unlikely situations, in the most unlikely places, and with the most unlikely timing. Or, you might need to transport your car from one place to another.  When this happens, you might ask: whom can I trust to tow my car?
Our team is dedicated to providing a reliable towing service for our customers. With a professional towing staff always on standby, you can readily depend on us to help you with your car assistance needs. Our professional towing staff puts the best safety measures in place when handling your car.
We have years of towing experience under our belts and we plan on keeping it growing. We are always ready to serve vehicle owners armed with the most basic principles of towing reliability, safety, and trust.
Roadside assistance is not just a job for us, but rather, it is a commitment. You and your car’s safety is always our top priority. We see to it that at the end of each towing task, our customers have nothing but smiles and thumbs-ups for a job well done.

Choosing our light-duty towing service. In San Francisco Bay Area Towing, we consider ourselves to be of service the minute you contact us. Equipped with the best safety practices and mechanisms in the vehicle towing industry, we give our customers a satisfactory service. We commit to providing professional, excellent, safe, reliable, and immediate light-duty towing service for the residents of San Francisco Bay Area.
Customers with stranded, stalled, and problematic cars are always welcome to experience the services that we offer. Check out more about San Francisco Bay Area Towing and contact us!

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