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8 Safety Measures While Waiting for Towing Service

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The need to tow a vehicle could arise due to many different reasons. The common reasons for breakdowns include flat tire, transmission failure, flat battery or even an accident. Whichever the case there are important safety recommendations to put in mind while waiting for the tow truck.

Keep out of traffic while waiting for towing service

Once you experience car breakdown, the first safety measure to observe is ensuring you get the vehicle out of traffic. You can do so by moving to the emergency lane or off the road to ensure you are away from traffic as possible.

Watch over your children

While it may be thought that inside the vehicle is safer for the children while waiting for the tow truck, the converse is actually true, especially in warm weather. Once you pull over the roadside, take the children (if any) out of the vehicle and have them stay in an alternative safe place as you wait.

Safe standing position

With the vehicle off the road, select a safe position to stand as your waiting for towing service. This should be on either side of the car. Never stand or keep your children directly in front or at the back of the car. Doing so exposes all of you to danger in case the broken-down vehicle starts to roll considering it has mechanical issues.

Hazard lights

Ensure your hazard lights are turned on and let them remain on as you wait for the tow truck. The lights will notify other motorists that your car is disabled. It further makes the drivers easily see your vehicle especially if it gets dark.

Safety triangles

Remember to set the safety reflector triangles both in front and at the rear of the vehicle. The reflector triangles should be placed at least 30 feet from the vehicle on either side. The reflector triangles are very visible and thus alerts other drivers to steer away from the stalled car.

Watch out for ‘good samaritans’

While waiting, you will likely experience other motorists stopping by to show concern or offering help. Although some may be genuine, there might be others with sinister motives. Do not let strangers in your car or allow other tow trucks, aside from the one you called, to tow your car.

Mind your valuables

Another important safety tip as you are waiting for towing service is to either take all the valuables from the car and keep them in an alternative place. This will ensure that you avoid predisposing your valuables to loss or damage.

Understand your insurance coverage

Immediately you experience a breakdown, contact your insurance service provider to find out if they cover towing costs. If they do, you will also need to find out supported towing companies so that you can call one of them. This will protect you from incurring unnecessary towing costs. Have an agreement with the truck company in advance before they come. It will protect you from other charges that may be imposed on you after towing has been done. In cases where your insurance company cannot meet the towing costs, it would also be wise to negotiate the cost with the towing company beforehand to avoid being overcharged afterwards.


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