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Worst Days to Travel in a Vehicle

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When thinking about traveling, some days are busier as compared to others. There are also days that are more than active. The vehicles will be too close that the bumpers are almost touching. Cars will have fully occupied the roads. It is advisable to reduce chances of traveling in one of such busy days in the year. To avoid stressing yourself, organize your traveling for off-peak days.


Worst Day of the Week to Travel

Fridays, when the weekend is just beginning, is one of the days that one should avoid using a vehicle, this is especially so in the afternoons. One of the reasons is that quite some people will avoid working late on Fridays and some also work in distant places during the week and will, therefore, have to go back to their residence on a Friday. People also tend to want to go out on Fridays, keeping in mind that the weekend is just starting. Moreover, people working for not more than five days in a week, have a high tendency to have their off on a Friday than any other day.

Worst Month of the Year to Travel

Roger Dow from Travel Association of the U.S spoke on the Evening news of CBS and said that June, July, August and Fridays are the busiest days to travel during the year. The most hectic travel season is summer and weekends are the days with the highest demand. Having these two factors in place, in addition to the occasional delays in weather, be sure to have the worst time traveling in a vehicle.

Worst Holiday to Travel

During Christmas, terrible congestion is expected around the weekdays before the Christmas day. This is because travelers leave their offices in the late afternoons on December 20th and 21st. In the Metropolitan area of New York, there was data collection and analyses done by AAA together with INRIX, an analytic company for traffic that does data collection from GPS systems of cars. These companies said that December 20th is the worst travel day. Moreover, snowstorms and icy weather can cause major road delays plus terrible headaches. This is especially so when all family members are in tow.

Worst Season to Travel

It has been noted that the peak season for travel by vehicle is the summertime. It is expected that it would be difficult to travel on July 4th since it is one of the major holidays in summer. It would be even more challenging to travel if this holiday falls on a weekend. Also, Memorial Day is when the summertime season kicks off. Since people will be taking advantage of their weekend of four days, it is expected that the roads will be packed with vehicles. Spring break also causes major traffic congestion. During this time you will encounter traffic woes mostly caused by the young parties.

Most families travel during Easter to spend time with those they love in this essential holiday. This amounts to travelers having to hassle more as it increases traffic on the roads.

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