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5 Tire Maintenance Tips for San Francisco

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Tires are an essential part of your vehicle. They are the moving force of the car. Without them, you cannot call your vehicle a locomotive machine. Tires are the only thing between the road and you. Maintaining the tires ensures that the car is safe. You are also assured that you are safe from tire-related accidents. Maintaining tires also ensures you save money. This is because maintained tires last a longer time. You also don’t incur an extra cost when you have a tire burst due to negligence. The following are top tips for tire maintenance.

Keep Tire Pressure at the Recommended Level for the Best  Tire Maintenance.

Every car has its own recommended tire pressure. Always keep the pressure at that desired level. It should not be less or more. Low tire pressure causes the tire to lose grip in rainy, wet or muddy surfaces. Too much pressure is very risky. It can lead to a tire blowout when driving after the tire becomes hot. To know your recommended tire pressure, check your car manual or consult with your mechanic.


Regularly Check Your Tire Pressure

This is something most people forget. You end up driving an unbalanced car. Most people only realize it when they feel their car swaying when driving. To save your tires, check your tire pressure regularly. You can do this every morning, every time you are going for a drive or a road trip. You can buy a pressure gauge and keep in your car. Some pressure gauge is as small as the size of your pen. You can also check your tire pressure in a gas station when you are fueling your car. Most gas stations offer this service.


Routinely check the Depth of Your Tire Tread

Deep car tire treads will help you drive well on slippery or wet roads. It will also prevent cases of tire blowout. Regularly check your car tire depth to know when you need new tires. Checking tire tread will also help you know how to drive especially when driving on rough or smooth road to save your tires from bursting or wearing out quickly.


Always Rotate Your Tires After Every 6,000 Miles

Different car axle wears tires at a different rate. This is especially true because of uncontrolled weight balance per axle. After every 6000 miles ensure you rotate your tires to ensure they all wear at the same time.


Put New Tires on the Back Axle Always

This will help especially when driving on the wet or slippery roads. It helps the driver to keep control of the car. New tires give a good grip on the road especially when they are on the back axle as compared to the front axle.


Tire maintenance is a safety measure. Every car owner should take the responsibility of maintaining the car tires. When driving you should always carry a spare tire with you. This is a safety requirement by the law. You should not just carry the spare part because you are required by the law. Carry for your own safety.


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