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Flatbed Towing

Do you want your car to be up and running again? Or, do you want to transport it from here to there even if it’s not mechanically possible? Look no further. We handle flatbed towing requests the same way that you handle your beloved car—with care, consideration, and consistency.

Flatbed towing is easily one of the most popular towing choices of today’s motorists. As a towing company in San Francisco that offers flatbed towing services, we always go the extra mile to make our clients feel satisfied and secure. Your experience with us is important. The demand for flatbed trucks has risen and as such, we take every flatbed towing request seriously. But what exactly is flatbed towing all about? And what are its advantages?

What is Flatbed Towing?

Flatbed towing, as the name suggests, involves specially designed trucks with flat platforms that are not enclosed in a side or top barrier. It is usually four-wheeled and has a loading ramp installed in its rear. Unlike other traditional types of towing such as light-duty and medium-duty towing, flatbed towing doesn’t involve the usual ‘towing’ or ‘hauling’ of a vehicle. Instead, the vehicle is loaded on the platform through the rear ramp. The loaded vehicle does not require a driver to steer it while it is being towed. Our flatbed tow trucks will bring your vehicle from any point in the bay area or greater bay area, to your destination.

Advantages of Flatbed Towing

It might cost you more compared to other types of towing, but the benefits that you can gain are worth every penny. The advantages of choosing flatbed towing are the following:

  • Flatbed towing is ideal for non-standard shaped or sized cars.
  • It is safer compared to other methods of towing.
  • Flatbed trucks preserve the good condition of your car by absorbing any force impact during the haul.
  • It prevents car wear and tear or damage during the tow haul.
  • A flatbed tow truck is easy, simple, and hassle-free method of towing.

Given its advantages, some car owners and drivers definitely prefer flatbed towing. Not only is it safe, secure, and convenient, it is also a great way of towing the following cars:

  • Customized/personalized cars;
  • Vintage and classic cars;
  • Regular cars;
  • SUVs;
  • Electric vehicles
  • And other car types.

As a car owner, wouldn’t you want the best? Owning a car as precious as yours means that you don’t want to settle for anything less.

Our Tow Company

During unfortunate moments when you’re facing a roadside emergency, urgent assistance is what makes a difference between comfort and suffering. You can be stuck anywhere, anytime— along the shoulder of a busy highway, in a ditch, or just in your garage in the wee hours of the evening. Even in non-urgent situations where you just want to transport your car from place to place, we will still attend to your request in the fastest time possible.

More and more vehicle owners and drivers have placed their trust in our towing company. Every call for help and assistance is important to us.  Our towing company adheres to a strict sense of time when it comes to responding to towing requests. We are strategically located locally in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our tow truck operators drive our flatbed tow trucks to reach you and be near you. We provide flatbed towing to anywhere around the metro. Our fast and quick response tow team is our pride, therefore within minutes after placing your call, our dedicated tow truck drivers are dispatched to your precise location.

Experience? We have more of it!

Professionalism? It’s what sets us apart. Expertise? We are certified experts in flatbed towing.

Contact us for a smooth and safe flatbed towing experience!

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