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San Francisco Bay Area Towing is a proud towing company of the bay area that provides a necessary towing service. As a member of the community, we take great pride in transporting all vehicles or providing roadside assistance in a safe and timely manner. Were the best at what we do, consistently delivering vehicles and equipment without a scratch or hiccup in the process.  Our tow trucks are routinely maintained by certified mechanics, to ensure your vehicle is towed timely. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.  So call us right now to help you get your vehicle or equipment moved to the right location. Call us right away at (415) 287-3020

San Francisco Towing Service

You’re probably wondering what types of services that San Francisco bay area towing provides to the bay area. We provide San Francisco residential towing as well as flatbed towing for cars that aren’t able to move or that are low profile cars, aka slammed to the ground, lowered as heck. These usually include Porsche towing, Lamborghini towing, Ferrari towing, Bentley towing, Rolls Royce towing and many other exotic cars.  We also provide driveway towing for you if someone has blocked your driveway.  Motorcycles often break down in The City and surrounding locales due to all the hills and constantly having to ride your clutch from a dead stop. Guess what, we got you covered there too, we’ll pick you and your motorcycle up and tow the motorcycle to the nearest repair shop or safely return you and motorcycle to any address you like. Aside from our bay area towing service, we also provide many roadside assistance services. Some of these services include bad battery diagnosis and replacement, flat tire replacements, pulling your car out of a stuck situation with our wench. Our towing staff has different levels of mechanical knowledge. Depending on the staff member that arrives to help, we offer support on minor repairs or helpful tips for the vehicle owner to attempt; we are also open to assisting hands-on with the repairs if asked upon. One of our more popular services is our 24-hour towing services. We're proud to be a tow company that provides towing or roadside assistance twenty-four hours a day.

Towing Safety

When it comes to towing, San Francisco Bay Area towing has a breadth of experience. Our staff has been in the industry for decades and has seen just about everything when it comes to towing.  Our staff makes it a priority to use the best safety measures available for all 24 hour roadside assistance calls and towing service. Some of our safety measures include wearing bright reflective vests while on calls, using bright reflective cones to alert all vehicles from oncoming traffic, providing traffic control if needed, turning on all vehicle safety lights and exercising best towing practices for the safety of all involved.

Towing Company near me

If you’re ever wondering if there are any towing companies near me, we can help. You might be stuck in a situation that leaves you stranded in an undesirable area or on the side of a freeway or dark, abandoned road.  Our towing service can be utilized anywhere in the bay area. If you’re in the San Francisco area that is our hub, but we also service all the surrounding cities, north, south, east, and west of San Francisco City.  The towing insurance we utilize covers us no matter where we go in the bay area. So if you are in Marin Headlands, San Mateo, Mountain View, Fremont, Hayward, Oakland or anywhere else around the peninsula or near the bay we can assist you and you will have peace of mind to know that you are covered if an incident occurs while your vehicle is in our possession.

Our reputation

If you view our reviews online, they will speak for themselves. The customers that we have serviced have always been satisfied with our experience, customer service, and timely response. When you’re in a situation that can be frightening and cause anxiety, you want a reliable source to call upon for service that makes that problem go away in the blink of an eye. We’ll be there in no time flat, and we work hard to ensure our towing services or roadside assistance service is outstanding enough for each of our customers to leave a towing review for us on our Google or Yelp profile page. Sometimes our staff receives typed letters that are emailed to us. If you want to email us one of these, that is fine as well. You can email us anytime at

Often times all our vehicles will be out on service calls and we won’t be able to answer our phones in the evening due to a high number of towing service or roadside assistance calls. Other local towing companies that we think are great companies to refer you to in case we are too busy are Atlas towing, Golden Gate tow, or Courtesy tow.

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