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Towing Service near Pacific Heights, San Francisco

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The type of vehicle, year or even model does not matter when it comes to San Francisco Bay Area Towing Company. We have a wide range of tools for every type and size of vehicle. Our team is quick and provides a cost-saving towing service in Pacific Heights. Our qualified technicians can troubleshoot problems on-site, and diagnose or undertake repairs if possible with our wide range of tools.

Available 24/7 in the Pacific Heights Neighborhood


Motorists from Pacific Heights choose San Francisco Bay Area Towing and have continued to support our company in delivering the services they require. Our Company is owned by a family with operations being licensed and insured. The dispatchers are friendly and will help in any means possible with the best equipment and tools which are well updated.

Company Profile

Our company cares about your vehicle and works towards ensuring your vehicle will get the best service available for it. We also work to remove junk cars and will handle all your paperwork. Our cheap towing prices and professional services have undoubtedly made us a local leader in the field with high client satisfaction. The quality of our service is unparalleled. We're proud of each successful and timely delivery completed.

Towing Service Free Instant Quote San Francisco

towing service in Pacific Heights San Francisco

Towing Company near Pacific Heights,SF

By calling 415-287-3020 you will get an operator in minimal time. If you need of an estimate or inquiries on service within your area, reach out for an immediate quote. Among our clients are motor hubs, police agencies, dealerships, garages, fleet services, and our motorists requiring assistance.

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Our towing service in Pacific Heights, SF includes commercial towing, winch outs, accident scene response, auto roadside assistance, Flatbed services, tow trucks, jump starts, auto lockout services, battery replacements, tire changes, abandoned vehicle removal, free diagnostic by a master automotive technician, and fuel and fluid delivery among others. These services are available in several cities so contact us for more inquiries.

Towing Methods

Different occasions will require different methods of towing such as the flatbed towing truck with some suited for wheel lift towing services. The flatbed towing has much more advantage as compared to other services especially if no further damage should be made to the car because of an accident or more. This service ensures your vehicle is fully lifted from the ground whether on short or long destinations.  The flatbed method is much suitable for exotic vehicles, totaled, classic, low riding, four-wheel vehicles, and long-distance towing.

Wheel Lifting Method

This company looks into the importance of ensuring that your vehicle gets towed without causing any more damage in the process. Wheel lifts towing is another method that uses chains wrapped around vehicle axles and gripped on the metal yoke which safely lifts two wheels of the vehicle during towing. This method is also convenient if your vehicle is in a tight spot like a parking spot. This method is not made for all vehicles such as four wheels as it could extensively damage them or even exotic cars. Our technicians will advise accordingly on the most preferred method.