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Tow Truck Facts You May Not Know

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Tow truck facts that are interesting

Towing has over time grown in popularity and grown to become an essential industry in San Francisco and beyond. Technological advancements have led to the development of sophisticated trucks with the ability to perform multiple towing tasks. With the changing trends and inventions, there could be some facts about tow trucks that you may not know. Here is a look at some.

Tow truck evolution

Initially, there existed only basic tow trucks. However, advancements in technology and the growth of motor vehicle industry progressively evolved the tow trucks. Presently, there exist at least five kinds of tow trucks. These include the wheel lifts, flatbed trucks, hook and chain trucks, integrated trucks and the boom.

The invention of tow trucks

Ernest Holmes Sr. invented the first tow truck in 1916 after he witnessed an accident. The accident involved a driver who landed in a creek. After him and other men struggled to help the driver get out of the creek, he thought of the need to develop an easier way of recovering vehicles after accidents. He, therefore, developed a bed behind a truck which can carry vehicles with ease.

Flatbed towing: the safest kind

Over five kinds of towing exist in the industry. Flatbed towing, however, remains outstanding as the safest towing option. This is because flatbed towing prevents any form of damage both to the transmission as well as to the bumpers.

Towing regulations

Another fact that you probably don’t know about towing is that the industry is regulated by very tough rules. Not everyone can just hop in a tow truck and start providing towing services. Every tow truck driver must be licensed.

Motor carriers are not an equivalent of tow trucks

Many people could easily mistake motor carriers to be an equivalent of towing trucks but that is not the case. Motor carriers are trailers used during the transportation of new cars on sale mainly from ports to showrooms, motor shows or during delivery after sale. On the other hand, tow trucks are used either to tow or carry a disabled vehicle after an accident or breakdown.

Museum for tow trucks

Theres a museum for tow trucks that you’ve probably never heard about. The hometown of the father of towing, Ernest Holmes, Tennessee has a museum set up which contains the first tow trucks, antique equipment and images capturing the industry history.


These were just a few of the many tow truck facts that exist out there. For more information on tow trucks and the wrecker industry, feel free to read through our Latest News section of our website, for all towing related information and tips.


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