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Towing Companies Services to expect in San Francisco

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In San Francisco, tow trucks provide a wide range of services to drivers. While most people associate tow trucks to accident rescue and illegal parking towing, there are other important services offered by these companies.  However, not every company will offer all the services that are supposed to be offered. It is important to choose a reputable company such as the San Francisco Bay Area Towing Company. This will ensure you are not disappointed when you need a service.

Towing Companies Services

Towing servcies vary widely. There are many towing services that strictly deal with towing a vehicle. On the other hand, there are many services which are secondary services. Below you will some descriptions of services from each category.

Flatbed towing

This service is very helpful if you need your car to be transferred from one point to another. This might be from an accident scene to the garage. Flatbed towing is the safest and most convenient as it ensures that your car will not be damaged in the process.

Jump Starts

A jump start is a service offered if your car battery is dead and thus cannot start your vehicle. The towing company that arrives will temporarily connect a working battery to your car to give your car an external power supply. With that, your car will be able to start and the normal recharge system will power up your battery for normal running. Once running, the external battery can be removed and you can continue with your driving.

Locksmith services

Locksmith services are offered as one of many towing companies services, in case of lockouts. Lockouts arise in conditions when your car locks with the key inside. Also when your car door locks fail such that the key cannot open the door. Finally, when the remote of your car key fails or runs out of battery. In any of these cases, the towing companies are able to either program a new key to open the car doors, replace the remote battery or manually open the doors without causing any damage.

Tire change

In case of flat tires, one of a towing companies services include tire changing services. If you have the spare tire, the tow truck operators will be able to fix it for you. In the vent that you even don’t have a spare wheel, you need not panic as they will still sort you out.


Although it is the most avoidable reason for calling for road assistance, many motorists have had to call towing companies because of running out of gas. Tow trucks can deliver fuel to your location and get you out of the bad situation. In the event that you need any of these services in San Francisco, all you need to do is call the towing company of choice, explaining your situation and exact location and they will have you sorted out.


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