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Different Types of Vehicles Towing Cost

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Every year thousands of vehicles are towed in San Francisco. No one likes their car to be towed. Therefore, it’s important to plan for your car to be towed. The towing cost can be quite expensive. It can be difficult for the car owner especially when they do not have a roadside
assistance in membership or insurance cover. In this case, you need to always have an emergency fund kept for this purpose. The towing fee charged depends on the type of tow, towing company and the distance of the tow. The following are the major types of tows with their prices in San Francisco.

Light Duty Towing Cost

This involves the towing of light vehicles. They include a passenger vehicle with the maximum weight of 8,500 LBS, a sports car, a small pickup truck, a van, or a sports utility vehicle.In San Francisco, you expect to pay fees ranging from $75.00 to $ 110 including two loaded miles and the mileage to the scene. You can pay up to an average of $5 per mile in excess of two load miles.

Medium Duty Towing Cost

Medium Duty Towing involves towing of medium-duty vehicles. The vehicles include utility trucks, trailer, and tractor.In San Francisco, you expect to pay fees ranging from $195 to $ 250 for a minimum of an hour charge with 15-minute increments charge thereafter.

Heavy Duty Towing Cost

The vehicles under this category of towing inclue Buses, Box trucks, Trailers, dump trucks, construction vehicles, tractor trucks as well as all other heavy-duty vehicles. In San Francisco, you expect to pay fees ranging from $270 to $ 450 for a minimum of one-hour charge with 15-minute increments charge thereafter.

Equipment Towing Cost

Whenever you are moving your equipment you can get help from the towing companies. They come with specialized handling equipment to lift and carefully handle your heavy equipment. All equipment whether in a construction site, your home or office they can be towed to your desired
destinations. You can pay an average fee of $90 for equipments of up to 10,000 LBS. G.V.W.R.

Flatbed Towing Cost

This is a type of towing that is involved specifically designed tracks with flat platforms. The trucks are open with side or top barriers. This is a great way of towing the following types of cars. Personalized cars, classic cars, SUVs, regular cars and other types of cars. In this towing, you
will pay an extra fee for the flatbed track plus the fee that is applicable to your vehicle.

Motorcycle Towing Cost

This involves towing of all types of motorcycle. Expect to pay about the same towing cost for a motorcycle as a light duty vehicle, because they have to bring the same type of truck.

Exotic Car Towing Cost

This type of towing involves luxurious cars. They include Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Cadillac, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce among others. Expect to pay a fee for light duty towing cars plus an extra amount not exceeding $100 depending on the towing company. In the case when your car is towed by the towing company check to ensure its within the San Francisco towing laws. In the case where the towing company violates the towing laws, the owner of the vehicles can sue the company. The owner of the vehicle can be compensated up to four times the total amount of the tow and the storage fees.

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