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In Need Of Tow Truck Services in San Francisco?

San Francisco Bay Area Towing can help you with all of your towing needs.

Tow Truck Services San Francisco

Tow Truck Services You Can Count On

When you have a vehicle that breaks down, you want to make sure that you are calling a reputable towing service that has all the proper insurance as well as trained tow truck operators. Our tow truck services deliver all that and more.

With San Francisco Bay Area Towing you will find the correct tow truck for your needs. The tow operators are well trained, and provide coverage throughout the city. The team not only does individual towing, but we also provide apartment towing on a contract basis. Our towing company is also one of the biggest tow companies in the San Francisco Area. The current tow truck fleet consists of roughly twenty trucks and is spread out throughout the city. Our dispatcher is available 24 hours a day. Call now for timely customer service.


Emergency Towing Services

No person wakes up in the morning and thinks or wonders if they're going to get in a car accident that day, month, or year. When an accident does occur, many times it results in an emergency situation. In these cases, emergency towing is available through our tow company. In these cases, we mark this type of tow as our number one priority in our system; even if other calls were ahead of this call. San Francisco Bay Area Towing has one of the best accident recovery and towing services in the bay area.

Tow Company Services

Private Property Towing

Heavy Duty Wreckers

Local Towing

Jump Starts


Wench outs

Motorcycle Towing SF

Parking Garage Towing

Commercial Towing

Low Clearance Towing

Stuck On Hill in SF

Accident Recovery



San Francisco Towing Company

All Types Of Tow Truck Services Are Available

Hit a Parked Car?

In today's busy work schedule, with life, kids, work and all the other distractions; its easier than ever to hit a parked car if you're not paying attention while driving. If you happen to hit a car while it's parked, you will need a tow to an auto repair shop, or to a body. Our drivers are available 24 hours a day.

Need Your Big Rig Towed?

Does your semi-truck or big rig need to be towed? Whether its something as simple as a dead battery, to something more severe like an axle. SF Bay Area Towing can help you tow your semi-truck to its destination.  Our towing experts have a tow truck solution for all heavy duty trucks.

Flatbed Towing Company

Flatbed trucks can be used for all sorts of purposes besides just towing a vehicle on the flatbed. They can be used for towing motorcycles, construction vehicles and equipment, large compactors, odd size objects, and many others. Our tow experts will figure out a way to make the flatbed work for you, as long as the weight requirements aren't exceeded.

Rental Equipment Transport

Are you doing some landscaping work around your house and need to rent a ski-steer for a few days. If that's the case call to schedule our towing service in advance. This way we can make sure your project is uninterrupted, and you complete in on schedule.